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Kanji in this term
Grade: 1
ほし > ぼし
Grade: 2


For pronunciation and definitions of 赤星 – see the following entry at あかぼし.
[noun]赤星: a red star or shooting star
[noun]赤星, 明星: the morning star, Venus, especially when seen in the east just before dawn
[noun]赤星, 明星: (rare) Jupiter
[noun]赤星, 明星: (rare) Antares
[proper noun]明星, 赤星: a surname
[proper noun]赤星: a place name:
  1. Akaboshi Station on the Yosan Line in Shikokuchūō, Ehime Prefecture
  2. Mount Akaboshi, roughly 3.4 miles or 5.5 kilometers south of Akaboshi Station
  3. an  (おお) (あざ) (ōaza, greater district) in Kikuchi, Kumamoto Prefecture
(This term, 赤星, is a kanji spelling of あかぼし.)