Chinese Edit

forge; wrought; to discipline refine
trad. (鍛鍊/鍛煉) /
simp. (锻炼)

Pronunciation Edit

  • duêng3 liêng7 - Chaozhou;
  • duang3 liang7 - Shantou.
  • Wu
  • Verb Edit


    1. to do physical exercise; to work out
      鍛鍊身體锻炼身体  ―  duànliàn shēntǐ  ―  to exercise
    2. to temper; to steel; to forge
    3. to toughen

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    Descendants Edit

    Sino-Xenic (鍛鍊):
    • Japanese: 鍛錬(たんれん) (tanren)
    • Korean: 단련(鍛鍊) (dallyeon)