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  • IPA(key)[ko̞ɾi]
  • Phonetic Hangul[]
Revised Romanization? gori
Revised Romanization (translit.)? goli
McCune–Reischauer? kori
Yale Romanization? koli

Etymology 1Edit

First attested in the Neung-eomgyeong eonhae (楞嚴經諺解 / 능엄경언해), 1461, as Middle Korean 골회 (kolhoy). From 구르— (gureu-, “to roll”). Compare Japanese 凝る, 梱る (koru, to bind together with rope or twine); , 行李 (kori, a bale; something bound together with rope or twine); 繰り (kuri, winding, reeling, rolling up, as onto a spool).


고리 (gori)

  1. ring, loop
  2. link
Alternative formsEdit
Derived termsEdit
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  • 걸다 (geolda, “to hang”)

Etymology 2Edit

Of native Korean origin. Compare Japanese 行李, (kōri, wicker container).


고리 (gori)

  1. wicker, willow twig
Derived termsEdit
  • 고리짝 (gorijjak, “wickerwork (especially, wicker trunk or casket)”)
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Etymology 3Edit

Sino-Korean word from 高利, from (high) + (profit)


고리 (gori) (hanja 高利)

  1. high interest (rate)
Derived termsEdit