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First attested in the Jīlín lèishì (鷄林類事 / 계림유사), 1103, as Late Old Korean 屈林.

In the Hangul script, first attested in the Worin seokbo (月印釋譜 / 월인석보), 1459, as Middle Korean 구〮룸 (Yale: kwúlwùm).

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?gureum
Revised Romanization (translit.)?guleum
Yale Romanization?kwulum
  • South Gyeongsang (Busan) pitch accent: 구름의 / 구름에 / 구름까지

    Syllables in red take high pitch. This word always takes high pitch on both syllables, and lowers the pitch of subsequent suffixes.

Noun edit

구름 (gureum)

구름 (gureum)

  1. cloud
    구름 개다
    gureum gaeda
    (of clouds) to be cleared
    구름 끼다
    gureum kkida
    to be clouded
    구름 덮이다
    gureum deopida
    to be covered with clouds
    구름 잡다
    gureum japda
    to be as fantastic as "to catch the cloud"

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