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𫜹 U+2B739, 𫜹
[unassigned: U+2B73A–U+2B73F]
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C 𫝀

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Han character Edit

𫜹 (Kangxi radical 58, +0, 3 strokes)

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Chinese Edit

Definitions Edit

For pronunciation and definitions of 𫜹 – see (“snow; to snow; etc.”).
(This character, 𫜹, is the second-round simplified form of .)

Usage notes Edit

Second-round simplification. Compare and from and .

Vietnamese Edit

Han character Edit

𫜹: Hán Việt readings: tuyết[1]
𫜹: Nôm readings: kẹ[2], kệ[2]

  1. Alternative form of (Nôm form of tuyết (snow).)
  2. Nôm form of kẹ (tiger).
  3. Nôm form of kệ (inattentive).

References Edit

  • Eiso Chan, Lee Collins, Ngô Trung Việt (10 March 2022) Vietnam Response to IRGN2509[1], Unicode Foundation