See also: had and háð

Middle English edit

Suffix edit


  1. Alternative form of -hede

Old English edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-West Germanic *haidu, from Proto-Germanic *haiduz (state, condition) (originally a noun, represented by Old English hād). Cognate with Old Saxon -hēd, Dutch -heid, Old High German -heit (German -heit).

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit


  1. forming nouns of condition or quality, from nouns or adjectives
    ċild (child) + ‎-had → ‎ċildhād (childhood)
    mæġeþ (virgin) + ‎-had → ‎mæġeþhād (virginity)

Declension edit

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Middle English: -had, -hod, -hed, -hede