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Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [keːpːɛn]
  • Hyphenation: kép‧pen
  • Rhymes: -ɛn

Suffix edit


  1. (adverb-forming suffix) -ly, in a certain way
    következés (succession) + ‎-képpen → ‎következésképpen (consequently)
  2. (adverb-forming suffix) as, by way of
    büntetés (punishment) + ‎-képpen → ‎büntetésképpen (as a punishment)

Synonyms edit

  • -képp (alternative form of this suffix)
  • -ként (as a…, being a…: the essive sense of the essive-formal case)
  • -ul/-ül (as, with the intention of; the essive sense of the essive-modal case)
  • mint (stating the capacity of someone or something in a situation)

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