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A variant of the verb-forming suffix -l.[1]




  1. (instantaneous suffix, rare) Appended to a verb to form a new verb expressing instantaneous action. It is no longer productive in this sense.
  2. (verb-forming suffix) Appended to an adjective to form a verb meaning "to consider/find/think as". In this sense, it is still productive.
    drága (expensive)drágáll (to find something expensive)

Usage notesEdit

  • (all senses) Harmonic variants:
    -ll is added to words ending in a vowel. Final -a changes to -á.
    drága (expensive)drágáll (to find something expensive)
    -oll is added to a few back-vowel words
    nagy (big)nagyoll (to find something too big)
    -all is added to most back-vowel words
    sok (many)sokall (to find something too much)
    -ell is added to front-vowel words
    kevés (few)kevesell (to find something too little or insufficient)

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