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Basler ‎(plural Baslers)

  1. A surname of German origin.
  2. Someone from Basel, Switzerland.
    • 1989, C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections[1], ISBN 9780307772718:
      For the Baslers no town exists but their own: only Basel is "civilized," and north of the river Birs the land of the barbarians begins.
    • 2000, John R. Hinde, Jacob Burckhardt and the Crisis of Modernity[2], ISBN 0773510273, page 6:
      Central to this is the understanding that Burckhardt was first and foremost a Basler.
    • 2006, Amy Nelson Burnett, chapter 1, Teaching the Reformation[3], ISBN 0195305760, page 21:
      Although the bishop was nonresident, his officials and administrators still lived in Basel and staffed the episcopal courts. Their presence, in turn, provided employment for many Baslers and made the area around the chapel a community in itself.
    • 2008, Christine Macy, chapter 10, Festival Architecture[4], ISBN 0415701287, page 238:
      Baslers consider their Fasnacht the "drey scheenschte Dääg," or the "three most beautiful days" of the year.





Basel +‎ -er (Baseler → Basler).


Basler m ‎(genitive Baslers, plural Basler)

  1. Basler (a native or inhabitant of Basel)


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