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  1. (sports) Abbreviation of Croatia.

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CRO (plural CROs)

  1. Initialism of Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope.
  2. (life sciences) Initialism of Contract research organization.
    • 2013, Jakob Miera, Mergers & Acquisitions in the Contract Research Organization Industry, GRIN Verlag, →ISBN, page 1:
      This thesis deals in general with mergers & acquisitions in the CRO industry, and more specifically with reasons for M&A, success factors during the M&A process, and why M&A can fail in the Contract Research Organization industry.
  3. (military) Initialism of COMSEC responsible officer.
  4. (marketing) Initialism of conversion rate optimization.
  5. (business) Initialism of chief risk officer.
    • 2009, John Hampton, Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management [] , AMACOM, →ISBN, page 265:
      The chief risk officer (CRO) title first appeared in a 1988 Peat Marwick study on global capital markets. The first CRO was James Lam of GE Capital, in 1993.
  6. (business) Initialism of chief research officer.
  7. (business) Initialism of chief revenue officer.
  8. (business) Initialism of chief reputation officer.
  9. (business) Initialism of chief restructuring officer.

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