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Borrowed from Vietnamese chữ Nôm.



chu nom (uncountable)

  1. (historical) A writing system formerly used for Vietnamese, based on Chinese characters.
    • 1997, Wm. C. Hannas, Asia's Orthographic Dilemma, p. 83:
      Chữ nôm was known only by the 5 percent or less of Vietnam's educated population, who used it not as a primary medium but rather as an aid to learning Chinese and for recording folk literature.
    • 1998, Kevin Bowen, Ba Chung Nguyen, Bruce Weigl (eds.), Mountain River, p. xxiv:
      To write a vernacular word, Chu Nom used two Chinese ideograms—one to indicate the meaning, the other the sound.
    • 2016, Christopher Goscha, The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam, Penguin 2017, p. 106:
      [P]olitical reforms along Western lines […] included […] developing modern science, agriculture, and commerce, and even creating a national writing system based on chu nom: ‘Have we not talented persons able to devise a script which will transcribe our national language?’