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  1. (soccer) Initialism of Football Association, especially the English Football Association. See also Scottish FA and Welsh FA.

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  1. (vulgar) Initialism of fuck all.
  2. (euphemistic) Initialism of Fanny Adams.

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FA (countable and uncountable, plural FAs)

  1. Initialism of Fanconi anemia.
  2. (Wikimedia jargon) Initialism of featured article.
  3. Initialism of felonious assault.
  4. Initialism of flight attendant.
  5. Initialism of fee agreement.
  6. Initialism of fat admirer.
  7. (sports) Initialism of free agent.
    Hyponyms: UFA, RFA
  8. (sports) Abbreviation of final A.
    Coordinate terms: QF, SF, F, FB, FC, FD

Anagrams Edit

French Edit

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FA f (plural FAs)

  1. (medicine) AF (atrial fibrillation): Initialism of fibrillation auriculaire or fibrillation atriale.
    Synonyms: FibA, FIBA, fiba

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FA f (plural FAs)

  1. (medicine) AF, A-fib: Initialism of fibrilación auricular (atrial fibrilation).
  2. (biochemistry) Initialism of fosfatasa alcalina (alkaline phosphatase).

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Initialism of English forever alone.

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  1. (neologism, slang) single