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Freedomite (plural Freedomites)

  1. A member of a Doukhobor sect that emigrated from Russia to Canada at the end of the 19th century.
    • 1945, Louisa Watson Peat, Canada: new world power, page 78:
      They have no deep-down objection to education, but a child who learns his lessons in English instead of Russian, and who rubs shoulders with some other race of youngsters, is liable to get some of the "Freedomite" edges rubbed smooth. The children are said to be communal, and that he is — allegedly — a wise Freedomite who knows his own father.
    • 1962, Debates of the Senate: Official Report (Hansard), Canada Parliament Senate, page 55:
      I think the house will find it interesting to know that 124 Freedomites served as volunteers during World War II.
    • 1979, Mary Ashworth, The forces which shaped them: a history of the education of minority group children in British Columbia:
      The writer pointed out that of the approximately 12,500 Doukhobors in British Columbia, only about 2,500 belonged to the Freedomite group and of these only 46 families, involving 66 children, were currently refusing to send their children to school.
  2. (Dominica) A member of the Dominica Freedom Party.
    • 1981, Caribbean Review, volume 10-11, page 82:
      Although unable to make inroads into the Labor government until this election, the Freedomites stalled land reform, thwarting the socialist ideology of the party in power.
    • 2002, Irving W. Andre, In search of Eden: Dominica, the travails of a Caribbean mini-state:
      Among the adherents of the new radicalism, the Freedom Party of 1970 was viewed as more a vehicle for criticism of the Labor regime (which the town-based Freedomites saw as na assault by the formerly powerless rural poor upon their citadel of privilege) than a catalyst for systemic change.
    • 2017 November 7, “Dr. Sam Christians steps down as DFP Deputy Leader”, in Dominica News Online[1]:
      He told DNO on Monday differences within the party led to his resignation but remains a Freedomite and is firmly committed to the development of Dominica, especially after Hurricane Maria.
  3. (dated) One who advocates for freedom in various contexts.
    • 1861, William HArvey Canfield, Outline Sketches of Sauk County, page 28:
      In behalf of our dear old friend and fellow citizen, we, a few of the North Freedomites with a few of your immediate neighbors, met here this evening to celebrate your 80th birthday.
    • 1879, The Organon, volume 2, page 35:
      To what terrible straits the Freedomites, men who persist in their efforts to exercise the right to pervert Homœopathy into Eclecticism, are driven, becomes apparent by this last public effort of the Editor of a Quarterly Journal (professedly a Homœopathic periodical) to make it appear that Hahnemann himself favoured that freedom of medical opinion and action []
    • 1886, Sadad Bailey Fowler, Irene, Or, The Road to Freedom: A Novel:
      In this opinion Irene perfectly agrees with the Social Freedomites, so called, and, with us she has entered into the most thorough investigation of woman's social condition in all departments of life and every avenue of society.
    • 1911 May 1, The Blacksmiths Journal, volume 7, number 5, page 26:
      The strike is being prosecuted so successfully that the M. and M. are driven to their wits' end. Even the non-unionists are rebelling at the benevolent despotism of the "Industrial Freedomites."
    • 1917, William Augustus Evans, Dr. Evans "How to Keep Well: A Health Book for the Home", page 1247:
      As I have understood these Freedomites the freedom of the family to employ whom they pleased was just what they wanted.


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