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  1. (international standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Iran.
    Synonym: IRN (alpha-3)

English edit

Noun edit

IR (countable and uncountable, plural IRs)

  1. (business) Initialism of industrial relations.
  2. (business) Initialism of investor relations.
  3. (computer science) Initialism of information retrieval.
  4. (software compilation) Initialism of intermediate representation.
    • 2021, Kai Nacke, Learn LLVM 12: A beginner's guide to learning LLVM compiler tools and core libraries with C++, Packt Publishing Ltd, →ISBN, page viii:
      At the end of the chapter, you will have implemented your first compiler producing LLVM IR.
  5. (physics) Abbreviation of infrared.
  6. (physics) Initialism of infrared radiation.
    IR communication
  7. (aviation) Initialism of inertial reference.
  8. (disability sports) Initialism of indoor rowing.
  9. (politics) Initialism of international relations.
  10. (pharmacology) Initialism of immediate release.
    Antonym: XR
  11. (Ohio, rare) Initialism of interstate route.

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IR (not comparable)

  1. (pornography) Initialism of interracial.

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Japanese edit

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  • IPA(key): [a̠i a̠ːɾɯ̟ᵝ]

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IR(アイアール) (ai āru

  1. Short for 統合型リゾート (tōgōgata rizōto, integrated resort).

Latin edit

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  1. (Christianity) Initialism of Iesus Rex (Jesus, the king). Short for INRI.

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