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Alternative formsEdit


From Middle High German leip, from Old High German hleib, from Proto-West Germanic *hlaib.

Cognate with English loaf, Polish chleb, Russian хлеб (xleb). The spelling with -ai- follows the old Upper German orthography; it was advocated by grammarians such as Gottsched in order to distinguish from Leib (body).



Laib m (strong, genitive Laibes or Laibs, plural Laibe or (alternatively after numerals) Laib, diminutive Laibchen n or Laiblein n)

  1. loaf (of bread), wheel, block (of cheese)

Usage notesEdit

  • A fairly rare word in practice because one would usually say ein Brot, ein Käse (literally a bread, a cheese), unless there is some need for clarity.


Further readingEdit

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