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From Classical Arabic مِصْر(miṣr) which originates from the Ancient Biblical Aramaic [script needed] (miṣrāyim), with the dual suffix -āyim, perhaps referring to the `two Egypts`: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

مَصْر(maṣr) is the colloquial Egyptian Arabic pronunciation.

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  1. Egypt
    • 1898, Joseph Pollard, The land of the monuments: notes of Egyptian travel[1], page 37:
      The name of Cairo is a contraction of the title given to it by its founder of " Masr-el-Kahira," or "The Victory of Egypt," Masr signifying Egypt.
    • 2002, Moustafa Gadalla, Egyptian rhythm: the heavenly melodies[2], page 107:
      An epithet to its name, misri, indicates Masr or Egypt as its home.
    • 2010, Dan Richardson, Daniel Jacobs, The Rough Guide to Egypt, page 73:
      Masr, meaning both the capital and the land of Egypt

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