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From Carolus, Latin form of the name of king Charles I of England.

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North Carolina

  1. A state of the United States situated on the east coast of the North American mainland north of South Carolina and south of Virginia. Capital: Raleigh.
    • 2023 June 19, Cheng-yu Yang, Liu Tzu-hsuan, “Southeastern US states all offer Taiwan support”, in Taipei Times[1], →ISSN, →OCLC, archived from the original on 2023-06-19, Taiwan News, page 2‎[2]:
      The North Carolina legislature has passed a “Taiwan-Friendly Statement,” marking the second year in a row in which all six states in the southeastern US passed bills or statements in support of Taiwan. [] Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co held a talent recruitment event at Duke University in North Carolina to promote cooperation with Taiwan in the high-tech and electric vehicle industries, one of the state’s major industries, the statement said.

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Borrowed from English North Carolina.

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North Carolina (genitive North Carolinas)

  1. North Carolina (a state of the United States)