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Alternative formsEdit

  • Numero f, n (dated)
  • Nr. (abbreviation)
  • No. (dated abbreviation)


From earlier Numero, from Italian numero, from Latin numerus (number). The feminine gender is probably due to influence by Zahl (number).



Nummer f (genitive Nummer, plural Nummern, diminutive Nümmerchen n)

  1. number; see usage notes below
  2. issue (of a magazine, etc.)
  3. (slightly informal) size (of shoes or clothes)
  4. song; composition (chiefly of easy listening)
  5. act; stunt; shtick
  6. (colloquial) character (idiosyncratic person)
  7. (slang) sex; an instance of sexual intercourse

Usage notesEdit

  • The German word for an abstract entity used to describe quantity, or a symbol thereof, is Zahl. A Zahl is only called a Nummer when it is used as a means of identification, e.g. in a ranking list, as a phone number, a model number, etc.


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