This Proto-Iranian entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Iranian edit

Etymology edit

From *-a- (thematic vowel) +‎ *-kah, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *-kas, from Proto-Indo-European *-kos.

Suffix edit


  1. Creates deadjectival and desubstantival adjectives denoting the characteristic of, typical of, pertaining to.

Derived terms edit

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Descendants edit

  • Avestan: -𐬀𐬐𐬀 (-aka), -𐬀𐬐𐬀𐬵 (-akah)
  • Ossetian: -ӕг (-æg), (assim. var.) -ӕх (-æx)[2]
  • Northern Kurdish: -ik
  • Parthian: (/⁠-ag⁠/)[3]
    Manichaean script: -𐫃 (-g)
    Inscriptional Parthian script: [script needed] (-ky)
    • Old Armenian: -ակ (-ak)
  • Old Persian: -𐎣 (-k /⁠-akaʰ⁠/)
    • Middle Persian: (/⁠-ag ~ -ak⁠/)[3]
      Manichaean script: -𐫃 (-g), -𐫐 (-k)
      Book Pahlavi script: [Book Pahlavi needed] (-g), [Book Pahlavi needed] (-k')
      Inscriptional Pahlavi script: 𐭪𐭩 (-ky)
      Psalter Pahlavi script: [Psalter Pahlavi needed] (-k')
      Pazend script: -𐬀 (-a)
      • Classical Persian: ـه (-a)
        Dari: ـه (-a)
        Iranian Persian: ـه (-e)
        Tajik: (-a)

References edit

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