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Proper nounEdit

Stone (countable and uncountable, plural Stones)

  1. (countable) An English occupational and habitational surname, from Old English, for someone who lived near a stone worked with stone, from Old English stan.
  2. (countable) A male given name
  3. A placename
    1. A locale in England, United Kingdom.
      1. A market town in Stafford borough, Staffordshire (OS grid ref SJ9034).
      2. A village in Buckinghamshire.
      3. A village in Gloucestershire.
      4. A village and civil parish in Dartford borough, Kent (OS grid ref TQ5774).
      5. A village in Worcestershire.
    2. A locale in the United States.
      1. An unincorporated community in California.
      2. An unincorporated community in Indiana.
      3. An unincorporated community in Kentucky; named for coal businessman Galen L. Stone.
      4. An unincorporated community in Wisconsin.


Derived termsEdit