Um. Hi there. This is my userpage.

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What you should know about me edit

I'm not any sort of expert in lexicography, as my name might suggest; a more accurate description would be "armchair egghead". I'm fairly familiar with the language of "young people these days", live in the American South, am interested in Spanish and a big Internet nerd, so my work here will center mostly around those topics. As I am currently a student I can't spend nearly as much time editing as I'd like to. I use Merriam-Webster's Unabridged, EtymOnline and OneLook as references for most things.

The languages listed in the Babel-boxy thing to the right are approximations of how well I'd be able to edit in them. My actual abilities of forming coherent dialogue in all of them is much, much lower.

A riddle I like edit

One two three cat and un deux trois cat had a swimming race across the English Channel. Which won?

Things I'm good with edit

  • English, although my ability to form sensible dialogue is currently on a surprising decline

Things I need to get better at edit

  • Spanish

Things I'd like to know much more of someday edit

  • Biblical and perhaps modern Hebrew
  • New Testament Greek
  • French, Italian, and German
  • American Sign Language[1]

Things to do, at some point edit

Words of wisdom edit

Man is an etymologizing animal. He abhors the vacuum of an unmeaning word. If it seems lifeless, he reads a new soul into it, and often, like an unskilful necromancer, spirits the wrong soul into the wrong body. -- Reverend A. Smythe Palmer, Folk-Etymology, 1882