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White Russian (countable and uncountable, plural White Russians)

  1. A cocktail consisting of coffee liqueur, vodka, and milk.
  2. (history) a White Guardist, a Russian who supported the tsar in the 1917 Revolution and the Russian Civil War (1917–1923), and afterward. (Russian history)
  3. (obsolete) A Belarusian person.
  4. (obsolete, uncountable) The Belarusian language.


person of Belarusian nationality

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White Russian (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to Russians with tsarist sympathies in the period directly following the 1917 Revolution.
    • 1979, John Le Carré, Smiley's People, Folio Society 2010, page 340:
      The overseer of the clinic was a White Russian woman, a nun, formerly of the Russian Orthodox community in Jerusalem, but a good-hearted woman. In these cases, we should not be too scrupulous politically, said the priest.
  2. (obsolete) Of or relating to Belarus, literally "White Russia," or its language.


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