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Bureaucrats can change an account's user level. Their first and foremost task is making people into administrators (when approved), but they also set (and, when necessary, revoke) bot flags. Bureaucrats also used to be able to change an account's username, but that's now handled centrally for all Wikimedia Foundation sites. And they do not have access to the CheckUser tool.

List of bureaucrats

User Appointed
Paul G August 2, 2005
Hippietrail July 20, 2006
SemperBlotto September 21, 2007
EncycloPetey July 12, 2009
Stephen G. Brown March 26, 2010
Ruakh July 22, 2012
Chuck Entz December 26, 2015

Former bureaucrats

User Appointed Disappointed
Eclecticology March 17, 2003
Vildricianus August 22, 2006
Dvortygirl July 20, 2006 February 28, 2018

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If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) to be a bureaucrat, please do so here.