Wiktionary:Pronunciation file requests

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Here you can request recordings of English words or phrases for use in Wiktionary. See pronunciation files requests on Commons and the interwiki links for sound files in other languages.

List the word you wish pronounced below and, if you like, a link to your user page so we can notify you when your sound file is ready.

There is a huge backlog at Category:Requests for audio pronunciation by language. Please consider helping clearing the backlog. For infomation on how to record and upload, see Help:Audio pronunciations.

See also: w:Category:Wikipedia requested audio of pronunciations

Oldest US English requests

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Automated list of requests: Category:Requests for audio pronunciation by language

Archive: Wiktionary:Pronunciation file requests/Archive

To make a request, add in the "Requests" section.

*[[Word]], ~~~~

*[[Word]] / [[Word]] / [[Word]], ~~~~

Help playing/recording sounds


For encoding Ogg Vorbis files, use quality 3.



If you wish to participate in this project add your name below:

  1. The New Mikemoral ♪♫ -- US English
  2. Andrew Krizhanovsky -- Russian
  3. Gabriel Sjöberg -- US English, neutral (Central Midland) dialect
  4. User:ThaesOfereode -- US English (mild Inland North), Serbo-Croatian
  5. Akshay Deokar -- Hindi, Marathi
  6. Marco Beck -- Kiwi English
  7. Screw dog -- Australian English
  8. Dex -- US English, neutral (Northern California) dialect
  9. Anna -- Latvian, Russian
  10. Millennia Man -- Canadian English, plus U.S. and U.K. English
  11. SinsOfSeven -- English (various)
  12. BirdHopper -- US English
  13. LegionMammal978 -- US English
  14. PixieV -- UK English
  15. HappyMidnight -- Korean, Republic of Korea
  16. BenYaMan -- UK English (RP)
  17. JonRichfield -- Afrikaans
  18. Justinrleung -- Canadian English, Cantonese
  19. Wizardito-OL -- Georgian, English, French, Irish, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish, Uyghur, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Assamese, Odia, Farsi, Hebrew, Estonian
  20. Rodrigo3260 -- Spanish, English, French, Italian
  21. Paul2520 (talk) -- US English (Midwest accent/dialect), but open to requests in Spanish or Kiswahili
  22. Human-potato_hybrid -- US English (Midwestern), US Spanish. Voice sample:
  23. Supevan -- Norwegian
  24. Bismarck71 -- English (UK, NZ), German, Swiss-German
  25. EOT3000 -- English, Belarusian, Russian
  26. SinaSabet28 -- English (Californian), Latin (Classical), Farsi (Tehrani). Voice sample:
  27. Blansheflur -- General American English (New England), Classical Latin
  28. RubyEngine -- Russian
  29. Huggywuggyy -- Danish, American English
  30. Grinleysspa -- US English, Hawaiian Creole English, Hawaiian
  31. Jutish Male -- English (NYC)