Experience and perspectives of PetrSU students in Wikipedia, Wikiversity and Wikidata. My report at Wikimania 2021.
Moscow Wiki-Conference 2017, Russia
ru Для этого участника русский язык является родным.
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Caricature painted by friend :)
Entry boat. Screenshot of the open-source Android software kiwidict 0.096 with data extracted from the English Wiktionary
Entry ru:airplane. Screenshot of the open-source Android software "kiwidict-ru 0.091" with data extracted from the Russian Wiktionary.

My name is Andrew Krizhanovsky. I am Russian, live in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. My interests are - computational linguistics, programming, yoga, medicine, sci-fi etc. Within the Wikimedia project I contribute primarily to the Russian Wikipedia ru:w:User:AKA_MBG and Russian Wiktionary ru:User:AKA_MBG.

I am a teacher in w:Petrozavodsk State University. My students wrote articles (related to w:Computer science) in Russian Wikipedia or translated best articles from the English Wikipedia to the Russian Wikipedia, see the list of finished students works (in Russian Wikipedia). See our project at Wikiversity v:Research in programming Wikidata. I take part in the work of Wikipedia Education Program.

I am interested in the data extraction from the Wiktionary and other online text resources. I developed a Wiktionary text parser. This parser converts Wiktionary article texts into a MySQL database. The parser code is available in the wikokit project on GitHub.

See more info about me at English Wikipedia: w:User:AKA_MBG.

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мечта, мрiя, dream.
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When adding a translation, click on “more” (near the Preview translation button) and fill in the “Qualifier” field. You can do the same by hand by inserting the {{qualifier|some label here}} template before the relevant translation.

  • colloquial = разговорное
  • informal
  • dialectal, regional = диалектное, региональное
  • humorous = шутливое
  • slang = жаргонное
    • childish = детское
    • Internet slang = интернет-жаргон
    • military slang = армейское
  • vulgar = вульгарное
  • offensive = нецензурное
  • pejorative = бранное
  • derogatory = пренебрежительное, презрительное
  • dated, archaic, obsolete; historical = устаревшее
  • rare = редкое
  • literary = книжное
  • formal = официальное
  • poetic = высокое
  • Template:indtr

Layout edit

===Alternative forms===
{{calque|lang=ru|||etyl lang=|etyl term=}}.
* {{homophones||lang=ru}}
===Noun / Adjective / Verb / Adverb===
# {{feminine noun of|lang=ru||gloss=}}
# {{archaic form of|lang=ru|}}
# of or related to 
{{head|ru|past passive participle|head=}}

# {{past passive participle of|?|lang=ru}}
====Coordinate terms====
====Derived terms====
====Related terms====
===See also===
* {{R:ru:Arapova|page=}}

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Example with Russian morphology:

  1. Template:ru-conj
  2. Module:ru-verb

Example with English morphology:


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I've been working on a script which allows the user to pick a language (or languages), and have any translations in that language(s) show up in the header bar (the part which is displayed before pressing "show") of a translation table. ... To try it out, simply go to WT:PREFS, and check the "Enable targeted translation sections" option (towards the bottom, under the "Experiments" section), and then go to User:Atelaes/Customization/Translations to set your language(s). ... -Atelaes λάλει ἐμοί 11:58, 17 June 2010 (UTC)

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