ru Для этого участника русский язык является родным.
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Entry boat. Screenshot of the open-source Android software "kiwidict 0.096" with data extracted from the English Wiktionary
Entry ru:airplane. Screenshot of the open-source Android software "kiwidict-ru 0.091" with data extracted from the Russian Wiktionary.

Who I amEdit

My name is Andrew Krizhanovsky. I am Russian, live in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. My interests are - computational linguistics, programming, yoga, medicine, sci-fi etc. Within the Wikimedia project I contribute primarily to the Russian Wikipedia ru:w:User:AKA_MBG and Russian Wiktionary ru:User:AKA_MBG.

I am interested in the data extraction from the Wiktionary and other online text resources.

I am writing a GUI to the data extracted from the Wiktionary. Welcome to test my Adroid applications:

  • kiwidict offline multilingual dictionary and thesaurus based on the English Wiktionary.
  • kiwidict-ru offline multilingual dictionary and thesaurus based on the Russian Wiktionary.
  • magnetowordik word game based on data extracted from the English Wiktionary.

See more info about me at English Wikipedia: w:User:AKA_MBG.

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Templates and rulesEdit

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UTC+3 This user's time zone is UTC+3 and observes Daylight Saving Time.



When adding a translation, click on “more” (near the Preview translation button) and fill in the “Qualifier” field. You can do the same by hand by inserting the {{qualifier|some label here}} template before the relevant translation.

  • colloquial = разговорное
  • informal
  • dialectal, regional = диалектное, региональное
  • humorous = шутливое
  • slang = жаргонное
    • childish = детское
    • Internet slang = интернет-жаргон
    • military slang = армейское
  • vulgar = вульгарное
  • offensive = нецензурное
  • pejorative = бранное
  • derogatory = пренебрежительное, презрительное
  • dated, archaic, obsolete; historical = устаревшее
  • rare = редкое
  • literary = книжное
  • formal = официальное
  • poetic = высокое
  • Template:indtr


===Alternative forms===
{{calque|lang=ru|||etyl lang=|etyl term=}}.
* {{homophones||lang=ru}}
===Noun / Adjective / Verb / Adverb===
# {{feminine noun of|lang=ru||gloss=}}
# {{archaic form of|lang=ru|}}
# of or related to 
{{head|ru|past passive participle|head=}}

# {{past passive participle of|?|lang=ru}}
====Coordinate terms====
====Derived terms====
====Related terms====
===See also===
* {{R:ru:Arapova|page=}}


English-Russian proverbsEdit


Example with Russian morphology:

  1. Template:ru-conj
  2. Module:ru-verb

Example with English morphology:


Targeted TranslationsEdit

I've been working on a script which allows the user to pick a language (or languages), and have any translations in that language(s) show up in the header bar (the part which is displayed before pressing "show") of a translation table. ... To try it out, simply go to WT:PREFS, and check the "Enable targeted translation sections" option (towards the bottom, under the "Experiments" section), and then go to User:Atelaes/Customization/Translations to set your language(s). ... -Atelaes λάλει ἐμοί 11:58, 17 June 2010 (UTC)



Audio and PronunciationEdit


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