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above stairs



Alternative formsEdit

(noun, adjective): abovestairs


Prepositional phraseEdit

above stairs

  1. (archaic) upstairs; in or on an upper floor.[1]
    • 1749: Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
      The physician now arrived, and began to inquire of the two disputants, how we all did above-stairs? "In a miserable way," answered Thwackum.
    • 1877: Henry James, The American
      She took him to a room above-stairs, and introduced him to a bed on which a magnified bolster, in yellow calico, figured as a counterpane.
    • 1901: M. P. Shiel, The Lord of the Sea
      He was found above-stairs in an empty room, searching the floor for something.



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