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at the moment

  1. At this moment; right now.
    • 1964 July, “XP64: New Standard Carriage Project”, in Modern Railways, page 2:
      Rumour has it that a new luxury lounge car design is also under discussion at the moment.
    • 2024 April 3, Philip Haigh, “Discord over Avanti West Coast is part of a wider problem”, in RAIL, number 1006, page 52:
      Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham pulled no punches in March 20's Transport for the North board meeting in Leeds. He wants rid of Avanti West Coast. And he may yet get his way, although ministers in London are holding the line at the moment.
  2. (dated) At that time; then.
    • 1932, Aldous Huxley, Brave New World[1], London: Chatto & Windus:
      'I had the same idea as you,' the Director was saying. 'Wanted to have a look at the savages. Got a permit for New Mexico and went there for my summer holiday. With the girl I was having at the moment. []

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