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awara (plural awaras)

  1. (Guyana) The palm tree Astrocaryum vulgare.
    • 1866, George Hanneman Bennett, An Illustrated History of British Guiana:
      The Awara or Avoira is less remarkable for the excellence of its flavour than its beautiful appearance, grows upon a species of palm tree, and is of an oval form, about the size of an Orlean plum, and of a rich deep orange colour, nearly approaching to red.
    • 2012, Tanure Ojaide, Stars of the Long Night: A Novel:
      In front of them two awara trees, tall, slim, and as beautiful as trees could be.
  2. (Guyana) The oily edible fruit of this tree.
    • 1994, Bernard Heydorn, Walk Good Guyana Boy, page 77:
      Jubbing or taws, was played with marbles or awara seeds. The awara fruit was a bright, orange coloured fruit which came from a species of palm tree.