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English edit

Etymology edit

From Middle English belast, belest, bilast (charged with an obligation, bound), past participle of Middle English belasten, bilasten, from Old English behlæstan (to load a ship), equivalent to be- +‎ last. Cognate with Dutch belasten (to charge, load, burden, tax), German belasten (to burden, charge, load, strain).

Adjective edit

belast (comparative more belast, superlative most belast)

  1. (obsolete) burdened, charged, bound.
    • 1814, original 1441, Archaeologia, Or, Miscellaneous Tracts, Relating to Antiquity[1], pages 214–215:
      This Indenture, made bitwene Sir James of Ormond knyght, son and heir to the Erl of Ormond, on the one part, and James Skidmore Esquier of the countee of Hereford on the other part, witnesseth that the seid James Skidmore is belast and wtholden toward the seid Sir James for an hole yeer to do him service of Werre in the perties of France and of Normandie, in all places where as it shall like the seid Sir James to ordeyn and comaunde him, ...
    • 1907, original 1570, George Gascoigne, John William Cunliffe, Fruites of Warre:
      At every porte it was (forsoth) (a) belast, That I (b) (die groene Hopman) might not go out, []
    • 1981, original 1455, K. B. McFarlane, England in the Fifteenth Century: Collected Essays, →ISBN, page 236:
      In the indenture, sealed by the parties at Gloucester on 2 October, Simon Milburn, a Herefordshire esquire, was belast and wtholdyn for terme of his lyf wt and toward the said Duc and his son Edward Erl of Marche, promitting & binding hym by the fayteh of his body & by this present endentures to do trew, diligen & faithfull seruice vn to the said Duc & Erle and wt thaym for to be ayenst all erthly criatures of what estate, dondicion or preeminence so euer thay be.

Anagrams edit

Dutch edit

Pronunciation edit

  • (file)

Verb edit


  1. inflection of belasten:
    1. first/second/third-person singular present indicative
    2. imperative

Participle edit


  1. past participle of belasten

Declension edit

Inflection of belast
uninflected belast
inflected belaste
predicative/adverbial belast
indefinite m./f. sing. belaste
n. sing. belast
plural belaste
definite belaste
partitive belasts

Norwegian Bokmål edit

Verb edit


  1. imperative of belaste