buyer's remorse



buyer's remorse (uncountable)

  1. A feeling of anxiety or regret after making, or after promising to make, a purchase, especially a purchase encouraged by a high-pressure sales pitch.
    • 1953 May 11, “Correct for Figure Faults to Avoid Buyer's Remorse”, in St. Petersburg Times[1], retrieved 21 October 2008, page 26:
      All too often, however, a gal comes home and buyer's remorse sets in. [] A dress looks dreamy when you try it on in the shop. But once you're standing in front of the mirror at home, something dreadful's happened.
    • 2002 June 3, Wilson Rothman, “The Smart Ones”, in Time[2]:
      In your new service contract, read the fine print of the buyer's remorse clause. Some carriers, such as VoiceStream, give you only 72 hours to decide whether to keep their service.

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