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Etymology 1Edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .


  1. (anatomy) muscle
    co muscle contraction
Derived termsEdit
Derived terms
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Etymology 2Edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (machine; apparatus; device)


  1. (obsolete) aircraft; airplane


  1. related to mechanics
  2. mechanical

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms

Etymology 3Edit

Borrowed from French cœur.


  1. (card games) hearts

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Suits in Vietnamese · hoa, chất (layout · text)
pích nhép, tép, chuồn

Etymology 4Edit

Borrowed from French queue.


(classifier cây)

  1. (billiards, snooker) a cue stick
Derived termsEdit
Derived terms

Etymology 5Edit

From kia.


  1. (chiefly Northern Vietnam, colloquial) it must be this way, not any other; my way or no way
    Synonym: kìa
    Không chịu đâu ! Mẹ phải đi cùng  !
    Nuh-uh! Mom must go too!
    (literally, “I'm not OK with that! Mom must go with us, and that's the only way I'll accept!”)

Etymology 6Edit



  1. (historical, military) military unit consisting of 10 or 200–500 soldiers.
Derived termsEdit
Derived terms