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Alternative formsEdit


Borrowed from Italian caffè. Doublet of café and coffee.



caffè (plural caffès)

  1. An Italian café.
    • 1977, Robert S. Kane, Italy A to Z: A Grand Tour of the Classic Cities, Doubleday, page 5:
      He then relaxes over an espresso in a caffè, and resumes.
    • 2008, Emma Jones, Hunter Travel Guides: Tuscany and Umbria, Hunter Publishing, page 23:
      In caffès you should pay first at la cassa and then take your ticket (lo scontrino) to the bar, []
    • 2011, Santa Montefiore, The Mermaid Garden, Simon and Schuster, page 279:
      [] ; other days she waited on tables in the caffè in Piazza Laconda.


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Borrowed from Ottoman Turkish قهوه(kahve) (Turkish kahve), from Arabic قَهْوَة(qahwa).


  • IPA(key): /kafˈfɛ/*
  • (file)
  • Rhymes:
  • Hyphenation: caf‧fè


caffè m (invariable)

  1. coffee (plant and drink)
  2. a café
    Synonym: bar

Related termsEdit


All are borrowed

  • Cimbrian: kafè
  • Dutch: koffie (see there for further descendants)
  • English: caffè
  • Faroese: kaffi
  • Finnish: kahvi
  • French: café (see there for further descendants)
  • Irish: caife
  • Icelandic: kaffi
  • Maltese: kafè
  • Mòcheno: kafè
  • New Latin: cafea
  • Swedish: kaffe
  • West Flemish: kaffie