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Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

Adjective edit

chắc (, , 𢟘, , )

  1. (of a structure) firm; secure; steady
  2. (of a person) sure; certain; positive
    Chắc hông?
    Are you sure?
    Chắc mà!
    I'm certain!
Derived terms edit
Derived terms

Adverb edit

chắc (, , 𢟘, , )

  1. (after a verb) firmly; securely
    nắm chắcto have a firm grip
  2. (after a verb) surely; certainly; for sure
    biết chắcto know for sure
  3. (at the start of a clause) probably; maybe
    Chắc nó không đến đâu.
    I don't think he's coming.
    Chắc chẳng có ai ở nhà.
    Maybe nobody's home.

Particle edit


  1. (colloquial) Marks a rhetorical question, often with an indignant tone
    Synonym: à
    Nó tưởng nó ngon lắm chắc?
    He really thinks he's all that, huh?
    Tưởng có tiền thì muốn làm gì thì làm chắc?
    They think they can get away with anything just because they have money?

Usage notes edit

  • As a particle, chắc carries a harsher tone than the nearly synonymous à.

Etymology 2 edit

Cognate with Arem cak ("each other").

Adverb edit

chắc ()

  1. (Central Vietnam) each other, one another
    Synonym: nhau
    Tụi bay cứ đánh chắc đập chắc hoài!
    Y'all fight all the time!