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  1. third-person singular past historic of culer



Hungarian cula.



cúla f (genitive cúle, nominative plural cúle)

  1. bundle




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  1. to sing, to chant


Tone L
Infinitive ukucula
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular cula cule
Plural culani culeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyacula, ngicula ngicula ngicule
2nd singular uyacula, ucula ucula ucule
1st plural siyacula, sicula sicula sicule
2nd plural niyacula, nicula nicula nicule
Class 1 uyacula, ucula ecula acule
Class 2 bayacula, bacula becula bacule
Class 3 uyacula, ucula ucula ucule
Class 4 iyacula, icula icula icule
Class 5 liyacula, licula licula licule
Class 6 ayacula, acula ecula acule
Class 7 siyacula, sicula sicula sicule
Class 8 ziyacula, zicula zicula zicule
Class 9 iyacula, icula icula icule
Class 10 ziyacula, zicula zicula zicule
Class 11 luyacula, lucula lucula lucule
Class 14 buyacula, bucula bucula bucule
Class 15 kuyacula, kucula kucula kucule
Class 17 kuyacula, kucula kucula kucule
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngiculile, ngiculē bengicula
2nd singular uculile, uculē ubecula
1st plural siculile, siculē sibecula
2nd plural niculile, niculē nibecula
Class 1 uculile, uculē ubecula
Class 2 baculile, baculē bebecula
Class 3 uculile, uculē bewucula
Class 4 iculile, iculē beyicula
Class 5 liculile, liculē belicula
Class 6 aculile, aculē abecula
Class 7 siculile, siculē besicula
Class 8 ziculile, ziculē bezicula
Class 9 iculile, iculē beyicula
Class 10 ziculile, ziculē bezicula
Class 11 luculile, luculē belucula
Class 14 buculile, buculē bebucula
Class 15 kuculile, kuculē bekucula
Class 17 kuculile, kuculē bekucula
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngācula ngangicula
2nd singular wācula wawucula
1st plural sācula sasicula
2nd plural nācula nanicula
Class 1 wācula wayecula
Class 2 bācula babecula
Class 3 wācula wawucula
Class 4 yācula yayicula
Class 5 lācula lalicula
Class 6 ācula ayecula
Class 7 sācula sasicula
Class 8 zācula zazicula
Class 9 yācula yayicula
Class 10 zācula zazicula
Class 11 lwācula lwalucula
Class 14 bācula babucula
Class 15 kwācula kwakucula
Class 17 kwācula kwakucula
1st singular ngizocula
2nd singular uzocula
1st plural sizocula
2nd plural nizocula
Class 1 uzocula
Class 2 bazocula
Class 3 uzocula
Class 4 izocula
Class 5 lizocula
Class 6 azocula
Class 7 sizocula
Class 8 zizocula
Class 9 izocula
Class 10 zizocula
Class 11 luzocula
Class 14 buzocula
Class 15 kuzocula
Class 17 kuzocula

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