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A daisy chain (flowers)

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daisy chain (plural daisy chains)

  1. A garland created from the daisies (the flowers).
  2. (computer engineering) A bus wiring scheme in which a series of devices are connected in sequence, A to B, B to C, C to D, etc.
  3. (electrical engineering) Placing several electrical or electronic devices in series by either their power connections or their data connections or both.
  4. (electronic music) A series of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, or various other MIDI devices connected to one another in a chain via MIDI cables
  5. (rock climbing) A ladder made from nylon tape, originally made by chaining together several loops of nylon tape.
  6. (free climbing) A large nylon loop sewn together at intervals along the midlength, used to decelerate a falling climber.
  7. (backpacking) A small strip of webbing with multiple loops, which allows the backpacker to secure many different types of objects to the exterior of the pack.
  8. Any series of complicated relationships in which, over time, people have had different partners who have themselves had other partners within the same group of people.
  9. (sexuality) A group sex formation involving multiple partners, with the participants lying in a circle, putting their mouth to the genitals of the next person.

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daisy chain (third-person singular simple present daisy chains, present participle daisy chaining, simple past and past participle daisy chained)

  1. (electronics) To connect a network or other peripheral in sequence from one node to another through the connected devices.
    We daisy chained several USB hubs to see if we could reach the far side of the room.