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sequence +‎ -er

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sequencer (plural sequencers)

  1. Any device that activates or deactivates the components of a machine or system according to a preplanned sequence (as in a washing machine, or central heating system).
  2. A device or system that orders and/or modifies digitally stored music and sound for playback.
    a MIDI sequencer
  3. A device for determining the sequence of monomers in a polymer, especially amino acids in protein, or bases in DNA; A sequenator.
  4. A control device to increase/decrease the capacity of plant that is enabled to act in a specific order or sequence.

Derived terms edit

  • boiler sequencer - enables/disables additional boilers in large buildings as the demand for heat increases due external temperature compensation
  • pump rotation sequencer - enables a "lead" pump while keeping a second pump as "standby" (in the event of lead failure), but periodically changes the sequence to ensure even maintenance.
  • state sequencer

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