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Mid-17th century. From Latin duplus.

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duplet (plural duplets)

English numbers (edit)
 ←  1 2 3  → [a], [b]
    Cardinal: two
    Ordinal: second
    Latinate ordinal: secondary
    Reverse order ordinal: second to last, second from last, last but one
    Latinate reverse order ordinal: penultimate
    Adverbial: two times, twice
    Multiplier: twofold
    Latinate multiplier: double
    Distributive: doubly
    Group collective: both, pair, twosome
    Multipart collective: doublet, couple, couplet
    Greek or Latinate collective: dyad
    Metric collective prefix: double-
    Greek collective prefix: di-, duo-
    Latinate collective prefix: bi-
    Fractional: half
    Metric fractional prefix: demi-
    Latinate fractional prefix: semi-
    Greek fractional prefix: hemi-
    Elemental: twin, doublet
    Greek prefix: deutero-
    Number of musicians: duo, duet, duplet
    Number of years: biennium
  1. A group of two things.
    1. (music) A tuplet of two notes played in the time of three.
    2. (physics) the set of two electrons, with antiparallel spins, in the same orbital
  2. (beekeeping, archaic) An empty box placed above the existing boxes of the beehive in order to allow the colony to expand or store additional honey.

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