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Alternative formsEdit


Short for do your best. dyb (or dib) and dob were used as abbreviated forms of do your best and do our best in certain Scout chants.


dyb (third-person singular simple present dybs, present participle dybbing, simple past and past participle dybbed)

  1. (intransitive, sometimes humorous) In the scouting movement, to chant dyb, meaning "do your best" (to follow the scouting laws).
    • 2009, Clive James, Unreliable Memoirs (page 54)
      I used to get through the dibbing and dobbing all right but during the howling I usually rolled over backwards.
    • 2009, Wendy Holden, Beautiful People
      'I'm a scout,' she smiled at him. The boy, in his turn, stared at Sam. He'd heard somewhere that scouting had got more trendy lately, that it was more snowboarding and surfing than dib-dib-dibbing and doing old ladies' gardens.
    • 2009, Justin Pollard, The Interesting Bits
      Why were there 212 fatalities at the first boy scout camp? There wasn't much dybbing and dobbing at Robert Baden-Powell's first scout camp as the camp in question was in Mafeking and took place during a particularly nasty siege []



From Old Norse djúpr, djúp, from Proto-Germanic *deupaz, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰewb-.



  1. deep
  2. profound


Inflection of dyb
Positive Comparative Superlative
Common singular dyb dybere dybest2
Neuter singular dybt dybere dybest2
Plural dybe dybere dybest2
Definite attributive1 dybe dybere dybeste
1) When an adjective is applied predicatively to something definite, the corresponding "indefinite" form is used.
2) The "indefinite" superlatives may not be used attributively.


dyb n (singular definite dybet, plural indefinite dyb)

  1. deep, depth
  2. abyss