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fief +‎ -dom



fiefdom (countable and uncountable, plural fiefdoms)

  1. The estate controlled by a feudal lord; a fief.
    The duke's fiefdom had been greatly expanded as a reward for his dutiful military service on behalf of the king.
  2. (by extension, chiefly derogatory) Any organization in the control of a dominant individual.
    Most of our company's computers are standardized, but the IT director allows the employees in his own little fiefdom to specify their own machines.
    • 2012 April 23, Angelique Chrisafis, “François Hollande on top but far right scores record result in French election”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Hollande told cheering supporters in his rural fiefdom of Corrèze in south-west France that he was best-placed to lead France towards change, saying the vote marked a "rejection" of Sarkozy and a "sanction" against his five years in office.