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From fisso.


fissàre (first-person singular present fìsso, first-person singular past historic fissài, past participle fissàto, auxiliary avere)

  1. to fasten, fix, secure
    Synonyms: assicurare, stabilire
  2. to put in order
    fissare i capelli col gelto fix one's hair with gel
  3. to stare at, look fixedly
  4. to obsess
  5. to fix, arrange, set, sort out
    fissare un appuntamentoto set an appointment
  6. to book or reserve
    riservare il tavolo al ristorante
    to reserve the table at the restaurant
  7. to process a fabric in such a way as to preserve its coloration
  8. (photography) to fix (render a photographic impression)
  9. (biology) to begin the histological process of fixing
  10. (chemistry, biology) to fix (convert into a stable form)


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