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From earlier fordele, from Middle English foredel, foredele. Equivalent to fore- +‎ deal. Compare Saterland Frisian Foardeel (advantage, gain, benefit, profit), Dutch voordeel, Low German fortel, German Vorteil (advantage), Danish fordel, Swedish fördel. More at fore-, deal.


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foredeal (plural foredeals)

  1. An advantage; benefit; profit.
    • 1527, Brewer, Brodie, Gairdner, Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII:
      [...] and at a great foredeal already; [and as for] such foredeal that they despair not of the...a deal, but that through the help of God, [our Grace and] other good ministers, these personages which [shall be now] sent shall undoubtedly conclude [...]
    • 1889, Sir thomas Mallory, La morte d'Arthure: The history of King Arthur and of the Knights
      And thus the battaile was great, and oftentimes that one partie was at a foredele and anon at an afterdele, which endured long.
    • 1846, Miles Coverdale, Remains of Miles Coverdale (Hope of the Faithful):
      And though this be a great foredeal, and an excellent jewel, yet the great and unspeakable glory, that in time to come shall be declared in us, hath not yet appeared.
  2. (Britain dialectal, Scotland) The first place; lead; precedence; preference.
  3. (Britain dialectal, Scotland) Progress; advancement.


foredeal (third-person singular simple present foredeals, present participle foredealing, simple past and past participle foredealed)

  1. (Britain dialectal, Scotland) To store; lay past; keep in reserve; hoard.