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From fossa.


fosso m (plural fossi)

  1. ditch
  2. moat



Frequentative of fodiō (dig, excavate; mine).



fossō (present infinitive fossāre, perfect active fossāvī, supine fossātum); first conjugation

  1. (with the sense of being done often) I dig, pierce.


   Conjugation of fosso (first conjugation)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present fossō fossās fossat fossāmus fossātis fossant
imperfect fossābam fossābās fossābat fossābāmus fossābātis fossābant
future fossābō fossābis fossābit fossābimus fossābitis fossābunt
perfect fossāvī fossāvistī fossāvit fossāvimus fossāvistis fossāvērunt, fossāvēre
pluperfect fossāveram fossāverās fossāverat fossāverāmus fossāverātis fossāverant
future perfect fossāverō fossāveris fossāverit fossāverimus fossāveritis fossāverint
passive present fossor fossāris, fossāre fossātur fossāmur fossāminī fossantur
imperfect fossābar fossābāris, fossābāre fossābātur fossābāmur fossābāminī fossābantur
future fossābor fossāberis, fossābere fossābitur fossābimur fossābiminī fossābuntur
perfect fossātus + present active indicative of sum
pluperfect fossātus + imperfect active indicative of sum
future perfect fossātus + future active indicative of sum
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present fossem fossēs fosset fossēmus fossētis fossent
imperfect fossārem fossārēs fossāret fossārēmus fossārētis fossārent
perfect fossāverim fossāverīs fossāverit fossāverimus fossāveritis fossāverint
pluperfect fossāvissem fossāvissēs fossāvisset fossāvissēmus fossāvissētis fossāvissent
passive present fosser fossēris, fossēre fossētur fossēmur fossēminī fossentur
imperfect fossārer fossārēris, fossārēre fossārētur fossārēmur fossārēminī fossārentur
perfect fossātus + present active subjunctive of sum
pluperfect fossātus + imperfect active subjunctive of sum
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present fossā fossāte
future fossātō fossātō fossātōte fossantō
passive present fossāre fossāminī
future fossātor fossātor fossantor
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives fossāre fossāvisse fossātūrus esse fossārī fossātus esse fossātum īrī
participles fossāns fossātūrus fossātus fossandus
verbal nouns gerund supine
nominative genitive dative/ablative accusative accusative ablative
fossāre fossandī fossandō fossandum fossātum fossātū

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