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From Old Swedish giælda, giælla, gælla, from Old Norse gjalda, from Proto-Germanic *geldaną, from Proto-Indo-European *gʰeldʰ- (to pay). Under influence from Low German gelden, see gälla.

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gälda (present gäldar, preterite gäldade, supine gäldat, imperative gälda)

  1. (archaic, formal) to pay
    • 1734, Anonymous, Sweriges Rikes Lag Gillad och antagen på Riksdagen Åhr 1734, Bygninga Balken, 22:8, page 136
      Hißar man hund å annars fä, ock får thet skada; gälde fullt åter, och böte fierdung af thes wärde.
      If a man incites his dog on another's cattle, and it [the cattle] is wounded; [may he] pay full in return, and be fined a fourth of its value.

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