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From Proto-Baltic *geld-, *gald-, from Proto-Indo-European *geldʰ-, *goldʰ- ‎(to chip, to scratch, to hollow). The semantic evolution was probably: “chipped, carved, hollowed (thing)” → “chip, board cut from a block (of wood)” (a meaning still attested; see below) → “trough, wood container (for eating, feeding)” (note also the meaning of derived term aizgalds ‎(sty, pen)) → “table (for eating).” Cognates include Lithuanian gélda ‎(trough, wooden container), Old Prussian galdo.[1]




galds m (1st declension)

  1. table (piece of furniture consisting of a horizontal surface on legs, to support objectsdishes and food while eating, tools while working, etc.)
    četrstūrains, apaļš, garš galds — rectangular, round, long table
    pulēts, krāsots galds — polished, painted table
    riekstkoka galds — walnut (wood) table
    darba galds — work table
    virtuves, ēdamistabas galds — kitchen, dining-room table
    tualetes galds — dressing table
    izvelkamais galds — folding table
    galda atvilktne, stūristable drawer, corner
    galda lampa, pulkstenistable lamp, clock
    galda drāna, galddrānatablecloth
    galda tenisstable tennis (game)
    mazgāt galdu — to wash the table
    pārklāt galdu — to cover the table
    sasēsties ap galdu — to sit at the table
    operācijas galds — operation table (where surgery is performed)
  2. (by metonymy) table (a table drawer or small cabinet)
    ielikt rakstāmpiederumus galdā — to put the stationary (lit. writing things) in the table (= drawer)
    izņemt grāmatu no galda — to take a book from the table (= drawer)
    noglabāt dokumentus galdā — to keep documents in the talbe (= drawer)
    aizslēgt, atvērt galdu — to lock, to open the table (= drawer)
    sameklēt galdā papīru — to look for paper in the table (= drawer)
  3. table, buffet (the food and drinks placed on the table; said food and drinks together with the table)
    lūgt pie galda — to invite to the table (= to eat)
    bagātīgs dzīru galds — rich banquet table
    viesību galds — party table
    lepns kāzu galds — proud (= exquisite) wedding table
    pilns galds — full table (i.e., with a lot of food, drinks)
    tukšs galds — empty table (i.e., with little or no food, drinks)
  4. table (type of food)
    siltais, aukstais galds — warm, coold table (with warm, cold food)
    kafijas galds — coffee table (with coffee, cookies, etc.)
  5. table (a meal, the food consumed during a meal)
    pusdienu galds — lunch table
    galda runatable speech (speech made during a meal)
  6. table (group of people sitting at the same table and eating together)
    kalpu galds — servants' table
    saimnieku galds — masters' table
  7. board especially treated to make a certain specific object
    mucas galdi — barrel boards (= for making barrels)
    laivas galdi — ship boards (= for making ships)
    gultas galdi — bed boards (= for making beds)
  8. board, table (horizontal surface or platform for some device or machine)
    kuļmašīnas galds — threshing machine table


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