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From Proto-Baltic *geld-, *gald-, from Proto-Indo-European *geldʰ-, *goldʰ- (to chip, to scratch, to hollow). The semantic evolution was probably: “chipped, carved, hollowed (thing)” → “chip, board cut from a block (of wood)” (a meaning still attested; see below) → “trough, wood container (for eating, feeding)” (note also the meaning of derived term aizgalds (sty, pen)) → “table (for eating).” Cognates include Lithuanian gélda (trough, wooden container), Old Prussian galdo.[1]

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Noun edit

galds m (1st declension)

  1. table (piece of furniture consisting of a horizontal surface on legs, to support objectsdishes and food while eating, tools while working, etc.)
    četrstūrains, apaļš, garš galdsrectangular, round, long table
    pulēts, krāsots galdspolished, painted table
    riekstkoka galdswalnut (wood) table
    darba galdswork table
    virtuves, ēdamistabas galdskitchen, dining-room table
    tualetes galdsdressing table
    izvelkamais galdsfolding table
    galda atvilktne, stūristable drawer, corner
    galda lampa, pulkstenistable lamp, clock
    galda drāna, galddrānatablecloth
    galda tenisstable tennis (game)
    mazgāt galduto wash the table
    pārklāt galduto cover the table
    sasēsties ap galduto sit at the table
    operācijas galdsoperation table (where surgery is performed)
  2. (by metonymy) table (a table drawer or small cabinet)
    ielikt rakstāmpiederumus galdāto put the stationary (lit. writing things) in the table (= drawer)
    izņemt grāmatu no galdato take a book from the table (= drawer)
    noglabāt dokumentus galdāto keep documents in the talbe (= drawer)
    aizslēgt, atvērt galduto lock, to open the table (= drawer)
    sameklēt galdā papīruto look for paper in the table (= drawer)
  3. table, buffet (the food and drinks placed on the table; said food and drinks together with the table)
    lūgt pie galdato invite to the table (= to eat)
    bagātīgs dzīru galdsrich banquet table
    viesību galdsparty table
    lepns kāzu galdsproud (= exquisite) wedding table
    pilns galdsfull table (i.e., with a lot of food, drinks)
    tukšs galdsempty table (i.e., with little or no food, drinks)
  4. table (type of food)
    siltais, aukstais galdswarm, coold table (with warm, cold food)
    kafijas galdscoffee table (with coffee, cookies, etc.)
  5. table (a meal, the food consumed during a meal)
    pusdienu galdslunch table
    galda runatable speech (speech made during a meal)
  6. table (group of people sitting at the same table and eating together)
    kalpu galdsservants' table
    saimnieku galdsmasters' table
  7. board especially treated to make a certain specific object
    mucas galdibarrel boards (= for making barrels)
    laivas galdiship boards (= for making ships)
    gultas galdibed boards (= for making beds)
  8. board, table (horizontal surface or platform for some device or machine)
    kuļmašīnas galdsthreshing machine table

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References edit

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