good for someone

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English edit

Adjective edit

good for someone (comparative better for someone, superlative best for someone)

  1. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see good,‎ for.
    Eating fruit is good for you.
    The litigation is not good for anybody.

Interjection edit

good for someone

  1. An exclamation of encouragement or congratulation.
    Synonyms: well done, get you; see also Thesaurus:well done
    You got married? Good for you!
    The president doesn’t dodge “what if” questions. Good for him!
  2. A politically correct way of dismissing a fact as uninteresting, unimpressive, or irrelevant
    Synonym: I don't care
    He has a diploma from Harvard? Good for him, he's still not qualified for this job.
    Did you know he's dating someone? Good for him!

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