1. partitive singular of jutt
  2. illative singular of jutt



From Proto-Finnic *juttu, from Proto-Finno-Ugric *jukta- +‎ -u. Cognate with Erzya ёвкс (jovks, tale).


  • IPA(key): /ˈjutːu/, [ˈjut̪ːu]
  • Rhymes: -utːu
  • Syllabification: jut‧tu



  1. talk (conversation, especially an abundant one)
  2. tale
    Kerro se sama juttu, jonka kerroit eilen.
    Tell (us/me) the same tale you told yesterday.
  3. anecdote (short often humorous account of an incident)
  4. story (lie)
    Kuulin sinusta omituisen jutun.
    I heard a weird story about you.
  5. article (story in a newspaper)
    Luitko meistä kertovan jutun?
    Did you read the article about us?
  6. thing, business, matter
    On yksi juttu vielä...
    There's one more thing/matter...
    Me teemme yhdessä kaikenlaisia juttuja.
    We do all kinds of things together.
  7. event (occurrence of social or personal importance)
  8. case (legal proceeding)
  9. lawsuit
  10. affair (that which is done or is to be done)
  11. affair, dating (romantic courtship)
    Heidän juttunsa päättyi eroon.
    Their affair ended in separation.
  12. thing, object, item (vaguely designated material object)
  13. bag, cup of tea, cup of joe (whatever suits or interests one)
    Acid House ei ole minun juttuni, pidän perinteisemmästä musiikista.
    Acid House is not my bag, I prefer more traditional music.


Inflection of juttu (Kotus type 1*C/valo, tt-t gradation)
nominative juttu jutut
genitive jutun juttujen
partitive juttua juttuja
illative juttuun juttuihin
singular plural
nominative juttu jutut
accusative nom. juttu jutut
gen. jutun
genitive jutun juttujen
partitive juttua juttuja
inessive jutussa jutuissa
elative jutusta jutuista
illative juttuun juttuihin
adessive jutulla jutuilla
ablative jutulta jutuilta
allative jutulle jutuille
essive juttuna juttuina
translative jutuksi jutuiksi
instructive jutuin
abessive jututta jutuitta
comitative juttuineen
Possessive forms of juttu (type valo)
possessor singular plural
1st person juttuni juttumme
2nd person juttusi juttunne
3rd person juttunsa


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