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Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

Noun edit

(classifier cây) hành (, )

  1. scallion; spring onion; green onion
    Synonyms: hành hoa, hành lá, hành ta

(classifier củ) hành

  1. Short for hành tây (onion).
Derived terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

Shortened from hành hạ.

Coinage most likely facilitated by the homophony of the unrelated noun above, leading to further coinage of phrases like bán hành (to torment physically/to sell scallion) and bón hành (to give a one-sided beating/to spoon-feed scallion).

Verb edit


  1. (humorous) Short for hành hạ.

Noun edit


  1. (often humorous) torment; physical abuse
    Phim tới đâu rồi?
    Nhân vật chính đang bị phản diện bán hành.
    How is the movie going right now?
    Yeah, the protagonist is getting the shit beaten out of him by the villain.