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From Old Swedish halda, halla, holda, holla, from Old Norse halda, from Proto-Germanic *haldaną. Further etymology uncertain; possibly from Proto-Indo-European *ḱel- (to hide, conceal).




  1. hold; grip
    Håll i pennan så här
    Hold the pen like this
  2. hold; to cause to wait
    Håll hissen!
    Hold the elevator!
  3. hold; arrange a social event, e.g. a party, a (larger) meeting or a conference
    Nästa års konferens kommer hållas i Rotterdam.
    Next year's conference will be held in Rotterdam.
  4. keep
    1. restrain, restrict
    2. to fulfill (a promise)
    3. to remain in a good condition, not to get spoiled
    4. preserve
    5. (reflexive) stay
      Han höll sig inomhus när det var så kallt igår.
      He kept indoors yesterday as it was so cold.
    6. to maintain, to keep from changing; to stop moving
      Håll temperaturen på en jämn nivå.
      Keep the temperature at an even level.
    7. to raise animals (chiefly for food)
  5. to neither tear nor break; to remain intact or in a functional condition
    Vasen höll trots att den föll i golvet
    The vase didn't break although it fell to the floor

Usage notesEdit

Alternative, but less accepted, form of the supine is "hållt"


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  1. speech
  2. (in the plural) words


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