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lay on

  1. (transitive, idiomatic) to provide (food or drinks) for free
    At the conference, they laid on a wonderful buffet.
  2. To provide
    • 2016, David Hytner, Mesut Özil has Arsenal daring to dream of Premier League glory (in The Guardian, 1 January 2016)[1]
      Özil has 16 assists in the Premier League and three goals; he has two more goals in the Champions League. On Monday, he took Bournemouth apart in the 2-0 win at the Emirates Stadium, setting up the first for Gabriel and scoring the second himself. Özil laid on a total of nine chances, the majority of them for Walcott.
  3. (transitive) To apply or implement (something).
    He laid on the solicitude pretty thickly.
  4. (transitive, idiomatic) To repeatedly say (particular things)
    He laid on compliments.
    She was fed up him laying on the jokes, which she found insulting.
  5. To do something excessively.
  6. (transitive) To cover something with a layer of (something).
    He's going to lay on a coat of primer before painting the wall.
  7. (transitive, slang, African American Vernacular) To impart or explain (something) in words.
    Lay some wisdom on me, man.
  8. (archaic) To attack or strike.
  9. (Britain) To give (something) as a gift, special treat or bonus.
  10. (nautical) To sail towards or to arrive at (a destination).
  11. (nautical) To vigorously row (an oar) to propel a boat or ship.