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load +‎ -er

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loader (plural loaders)

  1. Agent noun of load; a person or device that loads.
    There was only one loader for the truck today so it took him a long time to get everything moved.
    The auto-loader on the gun kept jamming so they did it manually.
    • 1944 March and April, T. F. Cameron, “The Working of Marshalling Yards and Goods Sheds”, in Railway Magazine, page 85:
      A loader performs the important work of storing goods in the wagons and of unloading the wagons. In each case considerable skill is required to avoid breakage, and, in the case of loading, skill goes far to conserve wagon space.
    • 2014, Benerson Little, The Sea Rover's Practice:
      The loader [] placed the cartridge in the muzzle and shoved it in as far as he could. The rammer rammed it home, the gun captain inserting his priming wire to make sure.
  2. (computing) A program that prepares other programs for execution.
  3. A tractor with a scoop, for example: front-end loader, front loader, endloader, payloader, bucket loader, wheel loader, etc.
  4. (marketing) An incentive given to a dealer.
    • 1990, Robert B. Konikow, Sales Promotion Design, page 197:
      Unique point-of-purchase materials and display loaders dramatically contribute to the display's attention-getting ability.
    • 1995, William M. Pride, O. C. Ferrell, Marketing: Concepts and Strategies, page 591:
      Marketers use dealer loaders to obtain new distributors and push larger quantities of goods.
    • 2001, Stuart Clark Rogers, Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Techniques, page 172:
      Dealer (or buying) loaders are gifts offered to resellers for stocking products. Many companies specialize in providing premium and gift items, and publish catalogues from which you can select appropriate items.

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  • IPA(key): (noun) /lo.dœʁ/, (verb) /
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  • (file)

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loader m (plural loaders)

  1. (computing) loader

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  1. (computing) to load
  2. (Quebec) to load

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